A world that is so unknown to all of us with sight

Presentation By Devnar School For The Blind.


There are many unique features to explore about a school run exclusively for blind children: their approach to education, methods of teaching, insights and experiences, et cetera. While we may include a few glimpses into these things, our focus will be to chase away the strange ideas prevailing about what it means to be blind.

The original motivation for starting the school 25 years ago was also to put to rest the misconceptions, assumptions and rumours about blindness. We hope this presentation will help the cause by leading to clearer understanding.

Key takeaways we hoped this presentation would generate:

No child deserves low expectations. Not expecting them to do great things causes more harm to their development than any disability ever would.

People who are blind have unrestricted job options. With training and equipment they can be successfully employed in whatever field they wish.

Treat them always as you would anyone else, with the same respect and dignity. They too have common topics of interest, like, sports, politics, or cinema.

Like with anything else, blindness is different in each individual. People who are visually impaired do not live in complete darkness; light perception varies from one person to the next. They may still have some peripheral vision, or just see everything as a big blur.