About Us

:denotes our clear sense of direction; swift and smooth operation; a harmonious view of things



Each project at Clockwise brings together a team best suited to create the desired effect.

We nurture contacts with good directors, technicians and specialists, at all major production centres in India and abroad.

We have consistently delivered on high expectations, and continue to raise the bar on our performance.

Our founder/manager Vijayanand has worked on major brands during his stint with ad agencies. Later he has written, directed and produced films for a range of products, industries, and causes. He can see the big picture, easily and clearly.


We produce TV commercials and audio-visual content, for advertising agencies and clients.

As a production partner to agencies, we sync up with their creativity and efficiency levels heart and soul. Our clarity and candid approach is what makes us tick in this line.

We handle direct-to-client jobs right from understanding the purpose to ideating, and carrying it into execution.

We also provide international production services, for shooting on locations across India.

The films we made over years, tell the stories of many well known brands and companies:



Don’t miss behind-the-scenes stories.
With each film featured here, we have recapped the various steps taken in producing it. They would also reveal our thought process, and line of approach.

Driving Brand Engagement

Driving Brand Engagement

Brand: Orient Gold – 53 Grade Cement/ TV Commerceial   Given that few product categories are as dry as cement, can Orient Gold find an engaging way to connect with consumers? Key points that led us to …

Fun with VFX

Client: Zuari Cement/ Agency: R K Swamy BBDO We remember this VFX laden commercial, for all the fun had while making it. This was entirely shot in front of a green screen. Walls, floor, everything …

Selling A Tradition

Selling A Tradition

Brand: Heritage Pure Ghee/ TV Commercial Consuming ghee (clarified butter) is an age old tradition in India. Pureness is its most valued, favored quality. Every brand of ghee claims the gold standard for purity. ‘Pure’ in fact …

Solving A Puzzle

Client: Vijai Electricals Ltd/ Corporate TVC A sports channel and its audience, was a given. How to fit into it, the story of a company manufacturing electrical transformers, was the problem. Background: As the main sponsors of World Billiards …

Spicing Up a dull Training Video

Client: SEW Infrastructure Ltd/ Project: Safety Induction Video  Construction workers are very difficult to train. They are plainly bored by the instructional tone of safety training videos. Figuring out how to neutralise their recalcitrance became …

Branding A Business

Client: SEW Infrastructure Limited/ Corporate Video Branding isn’t about inventing something new, it’s about discovering what’s already there. At one point or another every business is built from an idea and propelled by someone’s passion. …

Vernacular Vision

Client: Plan International/ Agency: R K Swamy BBDO It was one of those short fuse jobs, with no leeway for goof ups. We had exactly 7 days’ time to deliver, from the day we received the …