Driving Brand Engagement

Orient Gold – 53 Grade Cement/ 
TV Commercial. 

Given that few product categories are as dry as cement, can Orient Gold find an engaging way to connect with consumers?

Key points that led us to the answer:

  • The tag ‘Gold’ was originally introduced by Orient to launch its 53 grade cement. Afterwards every other brand followed the example and added it to their names. So our film can lay a strong claim to it by reinforcing the association.
  • In view of the sentimentality attached to gold in many rituals and celebrations performed across India, ‘Gold’ can also be our magic bullet for driving brand engagement. The storyline would draw parallels between gold, as in gold ornaments, and the cement, which is as good as gold. Scenes of a wedding will be intercut with basic stages of constructing a house. Gold is the binding factor in both the most significant life events.
  • This quickie production got us much appreciation, awards, and more work from the client.