Driving Brand Engagement

Orient Gold – 53 Grade Cement/ 
TV Commercial. 

Given that few product categories are as dry as cement, can Orient Gold find an engaging way to connect with consumers?

Key points that led us to the answer:

  • The tag ‘Gold’ in the brand name was meant to differentiate it as superior grade cement.
  • Apart from superiority, people attach sentimentality to gold, as clearly seen during many rituals and celebrations performed in India.
  • Gold, is even treated as the binding factor in relationships in the same sense as exchanging engagement rings and family jewelry.

So gold shall be our magic bullet, for driving brand engagement.

The story ties up the sentimental aspect of gold, as scenes of a wedding are intercut with various stages of a construction. Gold of course features prominently in both of these most significant life events. Gold ornaments in the wedding and Orient Gold in building a new home. 

This quickie production got us much appreciation, awards, and more work from the client.